Magic The Gathering Salvation

Magic the Gathering is an awesome trading card game that is also being played by many people online. There are various resources and portals for the magic game. Among them is the popular Magic the Gathering Salvation. Every lover of the game ought to discover a lot about this portal. Let’s start now:

Brief Survey on Magic the Gathering Salvation

Magic the Gathering Salvation usually abbreviated MTG salvation is an awesome website or portal that runs on vBulletin software. The site was established on July 11, 2004 and owned by a Swiss internet guru namely Hannes Roth. Most users of the MTG Salvation also refer to it as Sally. It’s actually a non-profit community-based Magic the gathering site which also operates as a forum where the game lovers meet.

The Pros of the MTG Salvation

There are many benefits that come with the Salvation forum. The site upholds tolerance among its members. It also furnishes members with news and latest developments in the area of the Magic the gathering game. The site is committed to providing entertainments of all kinds for all the forum members. There’s also sound fellowship and interaction among members.

Furthermore, MTG Salvation provides free platforms for all members to share news and information about the magic game. Members are always free to share rumors and every other issue going on in the magic game world. One good thing you can benefit from the site is the discovery of diverse strategies you can always engage when you begin to play the magic game. Most members unleash secret strategies they normally use in playing the game. You’ll also discover latest information about the rules of the game and all the rulings and trading going on in the magic game world.

You also stand a good chance of grabbing the latest information of various editions of the MTG game. The site reveals all you need to know about the game and when it comes to news dissemination, the MTG salvation portal is always at the front. Lovers of the magic game can easily broadcast various news about the magic game. Others who don’t have access to such news will not benefit from what’s being shared on the site.

The forum nature of the site makes it to be very interactive. You can easily chat with another lover of the game from another different part of the globe. This enriches your experience in MTG.

In all, there are so many pieces of information you can grab from the MTG Salvation site. It’s your avenue for learning the game afresh and also for updating what you know before. You can discover more about the magic cards and decks which are usually used in playing the game. The sky is indeed your limit when you liaise with Magic the Gathering Salvation portal.

Quality Playing Cards Are the Best Choice for Home Poker and Card Games

Playing cards are a key element in the enjoyment of your card games whether your card playing choice is Texas Holdem poker, bridge, canasta, euchre, or any other popular card game. For the avid card player, there is nothing better than shuffling and dealing a new deck of cards. They have a nice crisp feel, bright easy to read print, vivid colors and slide easily across the table.

If you have used cheap discount dollar store playing cards made of low-grade paper for your home poker or social card games you understand how quickly these cards break down with frequent use. You have felt them getting thicker and feeling sloppy as the paper fibers separate and the edges start to fray. They were easily soiled from food, skin oils or liquid contamination from the table top which made them sticky and therefore, difficult to shuffle and deal. If they encountered drink spill, disaster, open a new deck! The wearing process began to show after a few hands. They quickly began to display creases and bent or missing corners. These blemishes provided clues as to the identity of the cards for the sharp-eyed players. You would have been lucky to get more than one or two nights of satisfactory use from these low-end cards.

These problems are greatly reduced or even eliminated by choosing top professional, casino or card room quality cards for you home poker or social card games. By purchasing higher quality playing cards you get a more durable card that is resistant to the problems associated with deterioration due to prolonged usage. Plastic coated casino quality cards are manufactured using high-grade paper with a top quality plastic coating. With plastic coated cards you have a card that maintains its crispness and new card feel much longer. They stand up during long periods of intense play without bending or tearing and they maintain their clear sharp lettering and images. Plastic coated playing cards can be washed but contact with liquids is not advised for any paper based card.

For the greatest degree of durability and longevity, your best purchase option is 100% plastic premium casino grade playing cards. All-plastic cards will last up to fifty times longer than regular playing cards because they are not subject to the same rate of deterioration. The quality, all-plastic composition of these cards gives you a playing card with outstanding durability, literally lasting for years. They maintain their crispness, sharp lettering and images and allow you to clean them with a damp cloth when they become soiled. You just wash them, let them dry and they are ready for more play.

While all-plastic playing cards are more expensive to purchase initially, the durability and length of service that they provide makes them the most cost-effective playing card purchase in the long-term. All-plastic cards are generally available for purchase in high-end department and chain retail stores, sport and game specialty stores and also on poker, bridge and playing card specialty websites online.

As the host, you want your poker or social card games to be as enjoyable as possible for yourself and your card playing partners. By purchasing higher quality cards you will reduce the amount of time spent playing with worn, sticky cards that are difficult to shuffle and deal and will reduce the frequency with which you need to replace your cards. Be a good host! Choose top quality playing cards that will help ensure the most enjoyable experiences for yourself and your playing partners while playing your favorite card games.

Race For the Galaxy Card Game Review

In Race for the Galaxy, players build huge galactic civilizations using game cards that represent worlds or technical and social developments. Be the most powerful civilization by developing new technologies, exploring and settling new worlds, and producing and trading resources. Time is limited and it is a race to see which civilization achieves dominance the fastest!

Race for the Galaxy was designed by Thomas Lehmann and released in 2007. It is a card game with the theme of space exploration and conquest. Players take on the role of galactic civilizations trying to conquer and claim new worlds in the galactic fringe. The game has met with resounding critical acclaim, earning awards and “best card game” status from gaming magazines and review websites.

The core mechanic of the game is having a set of actions that players can choose each turn, allowing all players to take that action but giving the player who chose the action extra benefits. This mechanic is similar to other Eurogames but with a unique twist. In games such as Puerto Rico, once a player chooses an action, other players are not allowed to choose the same action again until the next turn. In Race for the Galaxy, all players can choose any action they want. They do it in secret and reveal the actions simultaneously at the start of each turn. This can lead to redundant actions and adds a gambling aspect to the action choice.

The actions you can take in Race for the Galaxy include exploration (drawing cards), researching developments, settling worlds, producing goods, trading goods for cards, and consuming goods for victory points. The developments and worlds that you play also grant victory points, and the goal of the game is to have the most victory points once any player obtains 12 developments and/or worlds.

Each of the cards that you can play – either developments or worlds – have abilities that can boost your civilization’s power. Example abilities include drawing extra cards while exploring, or letting you settle worlds at a discount. The challenge is therefore to decide which cards should be played first in order to support your overall strategy. As the cards are drawn from a deck, there is a high amount of luck and randomness involved as well.

Playing developments and settling civilian worlds require paying their cost by discarding a number of cards from your hand. There will therefore be a lot of cards that you draw that will never get played and instead become discard fodder. There are also military worlds that come into play via a different method: military conquest. You don’t have to discard cards to play them, but are required to have enough military power on the cards that you already have in play.

The key skill in playing Race for the Galaxy is knowing which actions to play each turn. Should you settle that new world now or trade in resources for more cards first? Performing the most efficient actions in the right order will mean getting your engine churning out victory points the fastest. You will also have to read your opponents, since an action chosen by a player also allows other players to perform it. If you need to settle and produce during a turn, but you know your opponent is most likely to produce, then you can safely choose the settle action and end up being able to perform both actions.

The game sometimes feels like it has little player interaction, since each player is busy focusing on creating their own victory point engine. The designers have remedied this by introducing new interactive concepts in the expansions. The Gathering Storm expansion adds both speed and long term goals to strive for, and the Rebel Vs Imperium expansion adds the ability for players to directly attack each other and steal each other’s cards.

Race for the Galaxy is a fast-paced card game, with games seldom lasting over an hour. It is also fairly easy to teach to new players, though its use of icons and symbols rather than text to explain card effects can be daunting (but that’s why they have reference cards). Its replay value is very high as well, since the amount of cards drawn and discarded means no two games will be the same. In all, a great game if you have a spare hour to take part in galactic conquest.